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Who are the gardeners?

The gardeners are those who come to learn, share and work on the Garden site at the Community Center. It is evolving, and how that evolves is up to those that want to take part in work and development of the Garden.

The garden is open to anyone that uses the Spring Mountain Community Center.

The Garden has many potential purposes:

  1. To learn and share information about gardening.
  2. It is for those that may not have a space to garden, or want to share working a garden with others.
  3. The food grown is the first for the ones doing the work, second for those in community that might not have fresh food, or be able to garden and third for others in the Community that may want fresh food when extra is available.
  4. To explore various ways to garden, save water, use water, season extension, diversity of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Can people pick vegetables while visiting the garden?

Here is how that can work. We are setting Thursday afternoons from 5 to 6 for community to come and harvest. Someone from the Garden will be there to show you what you can pick, and how much. How much depends on what is left after those that are working the garden have gotten their share.One of the primary objectives is to have extra to share with those in need of food,especially fresh, so we will be working closely with folks that are a part of Council on Aging…with office there at the Community Center

We also want to hear from the Community if they know of people in need of fresh food from the Garden.

Can we drop off food for the Compost and worm bins?
Yes…but you must follow the directions that are posted on each bin. First priority will be what is left from use of the kitchens of the Community Center. Second will be for those that have events and want to recycle to a compost bin. Third will be those of you that do not compost at home (though we would like to show you ways you can easily do this at home).

How can we donate to project? Money as well as items.

We need money for sure, to buy seeds, plants, fruit trees, tools etc. We have had support of funds from the Community Center, and individuals, and would like to see our funds come from individuals, businesses, or others that can and want to help. Some items have already been given: compost bins, worms, water barrels, and bed making materials. We welcome all of that and if we get more than we can use…maybe someone else would like to have something.

How can you get involved?

You can come by on Monday Evenings beginning March 13 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM…..​and talk over what or how you might like to work. You do not have to come every monday, but put in time to be able to get your share. Or you can call Jim Smith 864 313-5106 or email me:   jimsmith1945@gmail.com

What is the Goal? As stated above:

  1. To provide fresh food to members of the Community
  2. To educate and share information on ways and methods to garden
  3. To provide fresh food for those not able to garden, and or in

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Thank You Very Much!