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SMCC to Acquire New Land

The Spring Mountain Community Center hopes to close on land next to its current site by May 1 of this year, and a big question is how the land will be used by the Center.

A series of planning sessions have been scheduled to help decide how the community might use the land. Residents have the opportunity to hear or present ideas on land use topics, participate in round-table discussions, and provide input. All interested in helping to start the planning process are invited to join with others on the 3rd Thursday of every month 5:30–7:00 pm in the lower level of the community center building. There will be several sessions to make sure all in the community have a say.

The land can have many uses, but the idea is to seek what can work best with the land along the creek. The first session will be directed toward coming up with an overall statement that can be a guide for making decisions in the future. Once this is decided, suggestions for use will be discussed and the best options will be determined. All are invited to join in helping to plan this new addition to the SMCC. For more information, contact Jim Smith at or call 864-313-5106.